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Reminder: Class registration deadline for 2019-20 classes is now 7/15/20

Thank you everyone for your input on changing this year’s class registration deadline. We are officially moving forward with changing the registration deadline for 2019-20 classes to 7/15/20. The date change only impacts class registration. Other items that generally have an 8/15 deadline will maintain that deadline. JA Areas who are running classes that begin in June and end in July or later have JA USA’s approval to register these classes in the 2020-21 fiscal year.

Reminder: Required Volunteer and Educator Email Addresses

In Program Year 2020-21, emails will be required for all educators and volunteers.

Reminder: Need a Master Prospect List?

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Reminder: 2020-2021 Program Changes

The new 2020-21 non-blended JA Programs are available for use in BCRM and Class Registration systems. Program changes for 2020-2021 can be found in the Program Implementation Standards released by the JA USA Education team. To access the document, sign into the JA Intranet, click “Education” on the left panel, and then click “Program Implementation.” Look for the folder “Program Implementation Standards.”

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