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April BCRM Refresher Training

This training will give you the insight you need to fully utilize BCRM and show you how other JA Areas are using this database. The material of this course will build on the information learned from the School of BCRM and the Reference Guide.

Register for your desired courses today and mark your calendars. Your BCRM experience will never be the same again!

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Join us for “Queries in Bite-Sized Pieces: The First Bites…a Beginner’s Course”

Need a little help getting started with BCRM queries? A new 1-hour beginner’s course “Queries in Bite-Sized Pieces: The First Bites…a Beginner’s Course” will be offered April 20, 2017 at 10:00 AM MT. This course covers query basics, including finding/copying/editing queries and creating a simple query. Class is limited to 25 students. Click here to signup.

Feedback Opportunity

In our quest for providing the best service to the JA Areas, the Business Improvement team will be conducting a meeting in which JA Areas can provide feedback on BCRM Training, Support, and implementation. Join us during the BCRM User Group meetings on Wednesday, March 29 at 3 pm ET or on Thursday, March 30 also at 3 pm ET.

To participate, mark your calendars with these dates and click here to join. The Business Improvement team thank you in advance for your participation.

BCRM Implementation Progress



Contact helpdesk@ja.org or 1 (719) 540-6120