BCRM Environments

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JA USA Business Improvement Announcement: BCRM Outlook Add In

This add in allows you to add emails to BCRM as interactions or contact reports, update constituent information, and add plan steps and interactions to your Microsoft Outlook calendar. Emailing prospects becomes easier than ever when contact information from their constituent record syncs to your Outlook Contacts; and functionality exists to create new constituent records as well as plan steps from emails you receive. Click the link in the BCRM Resources section for additional information.

Volunteer and Educator Email Addresses

In Program year 2020-21, emails will be required for all educators and volunteers with blended programs.

Attention All Fundraisers!

You’re invited to learn how key data points can change the way you fundraise! Discover the highest potential prospects in your BCRM records. Join the BCRM Analytics and Model Scores webinar on Thursday, April 9th at 11AM ET. Click here to download the meeting invitation. Questions? Contact Kimber Glorioso.