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Improvements to the Validation Process For Class Registration

We enhanced the class validation functionality to improve data integrity and increase compliance with the Program Implementation Standards. The validation process occurs after classes have been verified in BCRM or when a class registration file is uploaded by RE and Access users. We encourage JA Areas to check for volunteers with missing or invalid information and ask them to provide their personal or business address and phone number. The following improvements will help you address class registration issues.

  • The Non-Resolved Error report in the Registration category of Crystal Reports will display additional details for each error message including the name of the volunteer, educator, or organization that is associated with the error for address, phone number, gender, or ethnicity
  • Warning messages, in the Non-Resolved Error report, will be displayed for mismatched school level, grade or school type based on the class program, program variance, or local project application in a separate group
  • Classes with warnings do not require any action, but provide notification for potential data entry exceptions and/or possible non-standard program implementation
  • For JA Areas using BCRM, the Non-Resolved Error report will also be grouped by Class Contact
  • Values such as Unknown, None, or 999 will no longer be valid for name, address, city, or phone number
  • Schools that are invalid, inactive, or not assigned to the JA Area of the class will return a specific registration error

We hope these changes will make the class registration process more efficient and streamlined for you.

BCRM Implementation Progress

The following chart illustrates the progress of the implementation of all JA Areas.



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