BCRM Outlook Add In

Welcome to the BCRM Outlook Add In Page

WHO: All JA Areas use Microsoft Outlook as their native email solution


  • Create new constituents from Microsoft Outlook
  • Add emails from Microsoft Outlook as an interaction or contact reports in BCRM
  • Complete tasks and Prospect Plan steps
  • View tasks on your Microsoft Outlook Calendar


    The BCRM Outlook Add In easily allows you to add emails to BCRM as interactions or contact reports, update constituent information, and add plan steps and interactions to your Microsoft Outlook calendar. Emailing prospects becomes easier than ever when contact information from their constituent record syncs to your Outlook Contacts; and functionality exists to create new constituent records as well as plan steps from emails you receive.

    Please see the below supporting documents to aid in your installation and use of the new tool.

  • BCRM Outlook Add In Download
  • BCRM Outlook Add in Presentation
  • BCRM Quick Reference Guide



    Contact helpdesk@ja.org or 1 (719) 540-6120