BCRM-Qgiv Integration

Welcome to the BCRM-Qgiv Integration page!

WHO: JA Areas that use Qgiv are eligible to use the BCRM - Qgiv Integration at no extra cost to their JA Area.

WHAT: The BCRM - Qgiv Integration will allow online donations and peer-to-peer fundraising gifts to sync with BCRM.

WHY: The BCRM - Qgiv Integration will streamline your JA Area work processes and minimize data entry.

The BCRM - Qgiv integration will allow online donations and peer-to-peer fundraising gifts to automatically add revenue to BCRM. In addition, a constituent record will be added to BCRM if the donor isn’t already listed in BCRM.

If you are interested in the BCRM - Qgiv Integration, please follow the instructions listed below.

  • The BCRM - Qgiv Agreement needs to be submitted by your JA Area President located here
  • That's it! This will put your JA Area in the queue

To view the BCRM-Qgiv presentation, please click here.

To view the BCRM-Qgiv Quick Guide, please click here.

Please prepare for the integration by marking your old appeals inactive. If you are not currently using Qgiv and would like to sign up, please contact Qgiv at support@qgiv.com. If you have further questions, please submit a Help Desk ticket to JA USA and we will answer your questions related to this integration.



Contact helpdesk@ja.org or 1 (719) 540-6120